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Chinese Astrological Weight At Birth

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The Chinese Birth Weight Astrology is a very simple system of fate prediction. It is said that the higher the number (or liang), the better life you will have. Click here to find out your birth weight.

6 Liang 4 Chin
You are born with high authority and power. You are a dignified person and will receive incomparable prosperity. Your name will remain unforgettable and will go down in the history books. Be honourable in your deeds and you will be remembered for good things. Place a 9 dragon ru yi at the back of your desk to give you authority and power.

6 Liang 1 Chin
You will not be in government but you will become powerful and rich, well-educated and brilliantly knowledgeable. You will be a famous and highly-educated person. Wear a golden dragon pendant to protect you from being harmed by jealous people. Boost your success luck further with a victory horse placed in the South sector.

5 Liang 8 Chin
Clothes and food come to you naturally and easily. You will have fame and wealth abundantly in your entire life. Place a water feature with rolling ball in the water star 8 corner to bring wealth luck and horse on swallow in the South to ensure all your projects will be a great success.

5 Liang 7 Chin
Yours is a life of prosperity and you are equipped with everything. You have so much happiness and so much prosperity. You will have fame and respect and will be admired by others. Life is just fantastic for you! Display a phoenix painting in the South sector to enhance your good name even more. Then your life becomes even more meaningful.

5 Liang 6 Chin
Rejoice for your life is full of prosperity and you will never be poor. There is little hardship or cause for worry, as wealth luck is forthcoming. Display the God of Wealth sitting on Tiger in your living room to attract wealth.

5 Liang 3 Chin
You are born with good luck and prosperity. You will also be lucky raising your family and also in business. Food and clothes have been arranged for you your entire life. You will never be deprived of the necessities of life. You are in fact a very rich man/woman. Keep an arowana in your Southeast sector to bring more money luck. Also remember to feed the fish yourself once in a while rather than just delegating the job to someone else. But do not take up fishing.

4 Liang 9 Chin
There is prosperity and riches in your fate. You will build up your family name and fame by yourself. You will gain respect from others and enjoy a good reputation. Lots of people take orders from you and serve you. Place glitter lamps in the South corner of your home to bring you even more fame luck and a Ru Yi on your desk to give your authority. 

4 Liang 7 Chin
You will enjoy prosperity luck till an old age. You will have a good spouse and obedient children. Full of prosperity luck your whole life, wealth luck comes to you like water flowing gently down the stream. Place a mongoose, wealth cat or other symbols of prosperity in your house to strengthen your wealth luck.

4 Liang 6 Chin
It is much better if you migrate from your country or live apart from your parents. Because then you will be able to enjoy food, clothing and riches in abundance. Although your family mean well, they have the tendency to hold you back and to stunt your potential to succeed. Upon reaching middle age, your life will become more stable. Place Laughing Buddha holding a gold ingot in your hall to bring you good fortune luck.

4 Liang 3 Chin
You are a good-hearted and intelligent person. Doing things efficiently will bring you to the attention of an influential person. Food and clothes in your life are yours by heaven luck. You do not need to work too hard to succeed. Place a wealth cat in the Southeast to bring you money luck. Also try to do some charity work to improve your store of good karma. 

4 Liang 2 Chin
The earlier years will see you going through some tough times. But through this, you will learn the meaning of patience and forgiveness. When you reach the age of 40 years (or perhaps even earlier), the fruits of fame and recognition luck will ripen magnificently and is yours for the picking. Place an apple tree in your home to have a peaceful and harmonious environment, and to have peace of mind.

4 Liang 1 Chin
You are born with a life that has distinct phases. You are very capable and will enjoy great recognition. In your middle age, you will emerge as someone widely respected. You have a joyful life with plenty of fans and followers. If you are a celebrity or a high profile personality, the press and the people will adore you. Display your affinity friends in the direction of your horoscope animal to help you tide over difficult times.

4 Liang
You live a full life and you will never be deprived of anything. You are someone who needs to take charge of everything you do. There will be challenges to face in your early years, but there will be plenty of time for you to enjoy life at a later age. To increase your wealth luck, place a 3-legged toad (facing the door) at a diagonal position from the main door.

3 Liang 8 Chin
You are born with the promise of a good life. Your family is well-known and renowned. When you are 36 years old, your luck improves by leaps and bounds, going from good to golden! Place in Fuk Luk Sau your house to bring you an abundance of good fortune. 

3 Liang 7 Chin
There is a possibility you will lose your inheritance or wealth without you even being aware of it. To counter this, place a crab in your living room to protect your wealth from being lost. As success is hard to come by, you need to rely on assistance from family and friends. To boost your social relationships, place your horoscope allies and secret friend in your home. 

3 Liang 6 Chin
You will have a very busy schedule ahead, but this is good as you will be busy attaining great success in life! You enjoy excellent family affinity and they will bring you lots of prosperity luck. Lucky stars will always shine on you, helping you achieve all your wishes. Keep a wealth vase at home to enhance your wealth and prosperity luck further. And do not be afraid to be ambitious. You have a lot of potential based on your birth weight, which you can realize if you have the conviction and courage to do so.  

3 Liang 3 Chin
You will face many challenges in life when you are young. But do not give up as in later years you will enjoy an abundance of good luck and wealth. If you are feeling overwhelmed, place a laughing Buddha in your living room to help you cope with the bad times when problems and difficulties arise.  

3 Liang 2 Chin
In the early part of your life, you face some difficulties. But rest assured that wealth flows in like water later on. At the prime of your life, food and clothes are abundant and you shall enjoy the harvest of wealth and fame. Carry your horoscope allies and secret friend on your body to help you during difficult times.

3 Liang 1 Chin
Strive for success through hard work, as there are good things ahead waiting for you. Your parents will lend a helping hand and your own family brings you luck. Success comes to you in your middle age.

3 Liang
You must work hard always, as success often comes with a price. If you are hard working and cultivate the good habit of saving money, you will have a comfortable life in your golden years. Place a wealth pot in the Southeast to attract wealth luck. For good relations with your family, place six smooth crystal balls in the center of your living room.

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